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Soremekun Seyifunmi UNILAG Sun online editor, Mr. Favour Olusola, has emerged as the first runner-up in the 2021 Future Brand Idol (FBI) competition.  The FBI Competition is designed to encourage creativity in young people aspiring to own a career in the marketing communications industry.  This year’s brief was centered around persuading people to take the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage social action towards preventing the spread of the virus.  In response to the brief, Favour Olusola, also a Millennium Fellow, pitched the idea, “More than a Shot” around the need for social responsibility as well as by creating memorable experiences for people.  Speaking with UNILAG Sun, he said, “The campaign idea seeks to make people feel, maybe through the use of virtual reality feel what other Covid 19 victims feel. And also see what they go through, through virtual reality glasses. So that's giving them a firsthand experience about that.  And then it offers them the opportunity to


SOREMEKUN SEYIFUNMI Source: A 200 level student of Civil Engineering at the University of Lagos, Omoyemi Samson, has emerged winner of the Chevening Alumni Association of Nigeria Essay Contest. Samson defeated 1,333 other students across various universities in Nigeria who participated in the essay competition. Samson's essay titled "An Assessment Of Illegal Migration Amongst Young People of Nigeria",  explained some of the reasons youths engage in the act of illegal migration and proposed plausible solutions. When asked, the 19-year-old Samson said his motivation has always been what his heart says.  "I write from my heart knowing that at least someone is gonna read it and probably understand", he said. He further disclosed that he had no intention of winning the competition as he did not understand the gravity until after a few rounds.  "The most interesting part was that I had little motivation to compete. I had no clue it was t

FG approves construction of UNILAG Edu. faculty building

By Soremekun Samson Seyifunmi The Federal Government of Nigeria has on Monday approved the construction of a new Faculty of Education building in the University of Lagos.   The building project will be jointly funded by the 2019-2020 Tertiary Education Trust Fund Merged Annual Intervention and the University Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). The total amount budgeted for the building project is ₦488,194,149.57k. with ₦483,426,697.62k coming from the 2019-2020 TETFUND Merged Annual Intervention and ₦4,767,451.95k coming from the University’s IGR.   The new building would comprise secretarial offices, lecture rooms and offices, boardrooms and conveniences. The project also covers supply, installation and testing of equipment and furniture to meet modern facility requirements.    The building contract has been awarded to M/S Different Project Limited and is expected to be completed and delivered within a period of one hundred and four (104) weeks.