Eight tips for healthy hair growth

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By Awofiranye Mercy

There is a common belief that African hair doesn't grow past a certain length.  As kids, many of us who had natural hair hated the weekly visits to salons. It used to feel like a date with "pain". Every process from washing to drying to styling initiated pain because of the wrong method used in handling the hair.

It's possible to grow long and healthy hair as in Africa. Just like skincare, it takes consistency, dedication and the use of the right products. Below are some tips that will help to grow healthy hair:

 1. Have regular and consistent wash days:

You do not have to wait until your hairstylist starts scratching off dandruff and dirt from your hair before you wash it. Regular washing reduces product build-up that could lead to hair breakage. It also enhances hair growth. Washing the hair in sections is advisable because it prevents unnecessary tangling.

2. Remember the Conditioner!

Wash days isn't just about shampooing and scrubbing the scalp. Conditioning is equally an essential part of it. It's advisable to condition your hair each time you wash it. Conditioners make the hair soft,  thereby making it easier to manipulate and reducing breakage. It also contains ingredients that enhance hair growth and gives the hair shine.

3. Don't forget to Moisturize

Just like the skin, the hair needs moisture. Lack of moisture would make the hair dry and brittle hence making it prone to breakage. You should moisturize your hair at least twice a week, this depends on the porosity of your hair.

 4. Lock the moisture in

Hair oils can function as sealants. After the hair is moisturized, hair oils are used to seal the moisture into the hair. In addition to this function, they also contain various components that enhance hair growth.

 5. De-Tangle

The "detangling" process requires patience. If done hurriedly, you could end up losing more hair. To make the job easy, divide your hair into sections, depending on how full the hair is and work in each section using either your fingers or a big-toothed comb.

 6. Say no to unnecessary pressure

One of the main reasons for stunted hair growth is the fact that we often over-manipulate the hair. Hair strands are fragile and need to be cared for appropriately. Avoid tight hairstyles as they can cause traction alopecia. Styles like a tight bun, tight ponytails, tight braids e.t.c; should also be avoided.

7. Keep hair in Protective Style.

We all want to wear our hair out and step up our looks once in a while. It should not be done too often because exposing your hair is not the best for the ends of the hair strands as it can cause breakage. Styles that aren't too tight should be done more often to reduce manipulation. Cornrows, braids, twits are some styles that can be considered.

8. Scalp Massage

Sometimes, we crave spa dates and massages, particularly after facing a lot of stress. It seems it is not only the body that needs massages. The scalp also needs regular massages as it stimulates the follicles and enhances hair growth.


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