School na scam?

Toluleke Aiyela

The average Nigerian student always has a mantra on his lips, especially after seeing a poor result, ‘School na scam’ a statement implying that education is not always a guarantee of the success it promises. Judging from the low employment rate which contributes to the poverty level in the country, education has become one of the many methods everyone just goes through to fulfill a norm not with the mindset of achieving success through.

While it is true that things are not what it used to be in the Nigerian Educational Sector with regards to delivery of quality and value, life is not a bed of roses and bumpy hitches come along once in a while. The faults in our educational system does not in any way reduce the fact that education remains a key in alleviating nationwide problems.

Education is the antidote for poverty as it opens up the mind to endless opportunities and broadens an individual’s world view creating many streams of solving problems. Those regarded as rich and influential, whom we consider as successful today all have some form or degree of education even at the barest minimum.

In addition to professionals, the entertainment scene has benefitted greatly from the world of education linking artistes across the globe, helping to manage resources well and push their works further into the limelight, creating works that resonate with and reflect the modern global audience. It is the same thing for sportsmen as well. Education cuts across every field and plays a major role in globalization.

The problem with this generation is that youths are usually in too much of a haste, something education is averse to. Education is like planting seeds that would take years to grow and germinate before the learner can boast of success. Great inventors like Thomas Edison and Isaac Newton who made impact in the world and are still being spoken of today spent years gathering knowledge before they became famous and known.

However, the Nigerian government has a lot to do if education would serve its true potential in the Nigerian nation. Courses need to be more practical oriented giving students an experience of eth theoretical aspects. This will further expand their horizons to compete with students from other nations on global standards.

Furthermore, guidance is necessary for students to understand the need for education and see it as more than just another step of life, but a way of determining how such individuals will contribute to solving global issues. The government should also provide the necessary infrastructure to aid proper learning and more scholars that are ready to not be just consumers but innovators. In allocation of finance, the teachers should be considered and adequately enumerated to motivate them to perform their responsibilities.  






  1. It is better to have a certificate you don't need than to be in dire need of a certificate you don't have.


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