Healthy Friendships


By Adebayo Similoluwa

If you have ever had a friend that brings out the worst or best in you or a friend who makes you feel self-conscious and confident, you would know that the friends we keep play important roles in our lives. Anais Nin, the popular French-Cuban-American novelist, said - "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive and it is only by this meeting a new world is born".

Friends are like the family we choose for ourselves. They can make or mar us. We have friends for moments and seasons; friends who are there in our happy moments and friends who are there in our sad moments. We also have friends who stick with us for a lifetime; through happy, sad, smooth, and tough times. 

Friendship requires a great deal of effort, time, commitment, compromise, and more for it to work. It is much like the way a plant needs sunlight, water, proper temperature, air, and nutrients to grow and blossom. 

Healthy friendships can be very therapeutic and they come highly recommended. Spotting good friends may prove difficult sometimes but good friends will always support you and have your back, encourage you to grow, and push you out of your comfort zone so you can strive to be better. Good friends are also transparent with you.

 It doesn’t end at having great friends, though. There are things you must do to nurture that friendship and ensure you don’t lose him/her. Here are a few tips for maintaining healthy friendships.

       Trust is the bedrock for any relationship. For a healthy friendship, one party must be able to count on the other and vice-versa. Friends will entrust their secrets to you and come to you when they need a shoulder for comfort. Do not betray this trust.

       Be sincere with others. In your happy or sad moments, let them know. When they annoy you, let them know about your feelings.

       Treat others with respect. Don't act superior in your relationships. Avoid unhealthy competition.

       Be kind to others. Show love and care to others. Check up on them often and be appreciative of whatever good they do to you.

       "To err is human, to forgive is Divine" - These wise words were said by Alexander Pope. Pardon your friends when they do wrong to you. Do not hold grudges against them.








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