Unilag; A household name for students with special needs

UNILAG Sun draws its focus on the University's level of responsiveness to students living with disabilities, particularly those on wheelchairs. Christabel Iroegbu and Anjolaoluwa Otubu report.

On January 23, 2019, President Mohammadu Buhari signed the Discrimination Against Persons with Disability Act into law. The law advocates the right of persons with disability in the areas of education, healthcare and accommodation. In compliance with this, the University of Lagos has been able to integrate these three areas so well that it has become a choice university for students with disability.

Speaking with UNILAG SUN, Fadejo Oluwatomisin, a sophomore in the department of Philosophy commended the University on the competence it has demonstrated in catering for her needs. She went on to emphasize the university's efforts in ensuring her immediate living environment is conducive.

Chioma Mike, early childhood education student

"Moremi hostel has facilities for people on wheelchairs and visually impaired people. They provide wheels for us on the ground floor of the blocks and they have ramps that make it easy for people on wheelchairs to move from place to place", she said.

For Oluwafunmilola Adams, a course mate to Fadejo, using the elevators in her faculty has been a memorable experience.

"My best experience is using the elevators to go to class. I really appreciate that. The officials are always taking care of the elevators. They really care for us”, she said.

She equally acknowledged the efforts of the Dean of Students Affairs (DSA) who has been at forefront of ensuring comfort for students in her shoes.

"He responds to the special needs of people with disabilities of one kind or the other. He is very attentive. He makes provisions first for us before any other people" she affirmed.

Chioma Mike, another sophomore studying Early Childhood Education said the University is doing its best in responding to her needs.

"I don't know anything about other schools, about their organization is but UNILAG is okay for me. I like it here", She said.


  1. It's good to know that the school has our best interest at heart 💓

  2. Doing the best for everyone. This is awesome.

  3. Ibironke favour AdeolaMarch 19, 2021 at 5:40 AM

    It is nice to know that the school cares deeply about their students

  4. I love this, a chance for the disable 👏👏👏


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