5 Things To Make Your Online Examination Experience Seamless.

Dabiri- Adejobi Oluwatomisin

 If you are in 100 and 200 level, then you should know by now that your examination for the first semester of the 2019/2020 academic session will be online.

What this means is that, right there in your room, in any country in the world, you will write your exams.

 Here are 5 things you should do to enable you a seamless online exam experience-


1. Have a Laptop/PC-

 Please don’t use your phone. Use a PC. It is your safest option. If you don’t have one, you can visit a cyber cafe or have a family/friend borrow you theirs for your examination.


2. Have a very strong data connection, preferably, Wi-Fi- 

No jab to the big data service providers in Nigeria, but I’d rather you use a Wi-Fi for your exams. You don’t want to be waiting 1 minute to load a page that can be loaded in 3 seconds. Use a strong Wi-Fi, please.

3. Never let your PC battery run low-

 Plug in your laptop/PC while your exams are going on. Don’t wait till it is 10% before you charge it. Funny things happen, God forbid your PC dies while you’re writing a paper.

4. Commence your exam at the stipulated time-

 Don’t bother waiting for any last minute reading. To avoid stories that touch, if your exam is for 11:00am, click “start attempt” by 11:01am.

5. Refresh, don't leave page-

 Yes, the server might be slow. But please and please, don’t leave the page. Let it load. If it isn’t loading, refresh the page. But don’t for any reason leave the page;even if it is to make a complaint to your course adviser.




  1. Not everyone can afford a WiFi. Majority would settle for their phone hotspots to sit for their courses. May God help us all.

  2. Not everyone can afford to get a laptop self God would help us ooo

  3. God help us... That's the main prayer 🥺

  4. Omo but Wifi can be expensive sha


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